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So, I believe I decided on a thesis topic. Or at least something definitive enough to look into. I was thinking that an analysis of the Merida Initiative would be good.

What kind of analysis, I’m not to sure. Potentially it could be about how the $1.4 billion USD is being used for the initiative. Most of it is going to supply Mexican counter-drug forces with equipment to do interdiction. For this, the US is supplying Mexico with various types of equipment from helicopters, to reconnaissance aircraft, to non-intrusive inspection equipment. I may look into the Merida legislation to see if this type of equipment is the best use of our resources, or if other types of assistance would actually work better, bearing in mind that probably the principle goal for any US-assistance in this regard would be for interdiction of narcotics entering the US and not as much to aid Mexican officials in decreasing their violent crime or own domestic drug problem.


Written by gringolost

May 25, 2009 at 2:17 am

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