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This week in odd Mexican news: swine flu statues and stripping government officials

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As my roommate (a life-long resident of Mexico City) has told me, the greatest thing about Mexico is its chaos. I would add to that its quirkiness. Here are two stories from this week that are particularly odd, and completely Mexican – and I mean that in the best way.

So swine flu has got you down, nearly ruined your economy… well how’s about erecting a statue to memorialize it then. And so it seems, we here in Mexico are commemorating this “pandemic” outbreak with a statue of the little young’n who was the first to contract the virus (don’t worry he didn’t die).

I wish I had more weird stories but I’ve been a little busy trying to find $650,000. Either way, I got the best weird news story right here. It seems one Veracruz government employee decided to go desnuda to work one day to garner support for a legal case against her ex-husband (er… what? Isn’t there better ways to do this?). Apparently, Ms. Garcia says her ex-husband who is the Minister of Finance for the State of Veracruz and is swindling her out of her monthly alimony of MXN $7000 (USD $500) a month. So, obviously this kind of injustice calls for naked civil disobedience.


Written by gringolost

May 27, 2009 at 5:12 pm

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