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Ezequiel history lessons, part II: The truth about which tortilla to take if you are a real Mexican.

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Earlier I learned about the root of the word “gringo” from a very wise co-worker. Now, this same co-worker has explained to me the cultural dynamics of the tortilla grab. Here’s a story to illustrate:

A while back, many Salvadoreans wanted to enter Mexico and become Mexican citizens. Many were denied entry and couldn’t enter the country illegally through the border. Some of these Salvadoreans came up with a plan. They would forge Mexican passports and go to the embassy to claim that they were really Mexicans stuck in El Salvador and wanted to return home.

Well, Mexico’s ambassador at the time wasn’t fooled. And in his suspicion he conjured up a test that would prove which one of these “Mexicans” was truly Mexican, and which ones were impostors. His test involved tortillas.

This ambassador invited all of these individuals who claimed Mexican citizenship to dinner. At the dinner table, the ambassador sought to prove their true identity by offering them a tortilla from the little tortilla keeper thing. As any true Mexican would know, when offered a tortilla from this little keeper thing, it is best not to take the top tortilla, but instead pass it up for one of the warmer ones in the middle. So, as this ambassador began passing around the little tortilla keeper he noticed which individuals took from the top and which ones (very Mexican-like) went for the ones in the middle. Thus, he determined that the individuals who were claiming to be Mexican citizens were really impostors when they took the top tortilla.

The moral of the story… to know when you are eating with a real Mexican, pay attention to what tortilla he/she takes from the little tortilla keeper.


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June 9, 2009 at 2:10 am

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