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Mom update, weekend in Cuernavaca

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I was in Cuernavaca. A city that is rich in cultural history and known for it’s climate which is a seasonable 72 Fahrenheit year round. It also has Hernan Cortes first castle and was a vacation destination for former Iranian Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi.

Sadly, however, I didn’t get to see any historical sites. I have really been a terrible tourist since coming to Mexico because I haven’t seen any cultural sites except those that are right outside of my house. Hopefully this will soon change. But this trip to Cuernavaca with co-workers and was meant to be more of a bonding experience. While I didn’t see Cortes’ castle or anything cool like that, I did have a relaxing time in this compound.And to show you a little of what I ate, here are some more photos.

One of my favorites: grilled steak with an avocado slice
A snack, I’m not sure what these seeds were called but they tasted like bitter earth. I had about 3 pods worth.
We stopped at a fruit stand and I bought this mini avocado with paper thin skin that is meant to be ate whole. What made it even better, the price tag about 15 cents.
The calories I received from this are innumerable.
Definitely not my favorite michalada, this is actually a beer garnished with pineapple, a watermelon paste sprinkled with chili powder salt, and lime-juice. Usually, michalada’s are much better because they are simpler – only containing some lime-juice and beer poured in a sea-salt rimmed mug.
Grilled cactus topped with provolone – and pretty good.Stomach of cow soup. Had one bite. One bite too many.


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June 15, 2009 at 4:28 am

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