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International condemnation: Iran vs. the LA Race Riots

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One of my most enthusiastic blog followers (I am not going to say her name but she can be found here) emailed me a question on the protests in Iran versus similar protests which have occurred in the US.

Here’s her exact wording (bare in mind this was from about a week ago) * I should also note that this question came from a person who is surely on the side of Iranian protesters who want democratic accountability:

I have been listening all day to news coverage about President Obama’s stand on the protests in Iran. People are saying we should intervene because the Iranian police are killing protesters. I know that US police have been responsible for deaths of protesters in numerous instances. My question is: during those instances, have other countries condemned the US actions in those instances?

Like the 1968 Chicago riots? the LA riots?

As expected, I didn’t know the answer.  But I did postulate that perhaps there were harsh criticisms from typically anti-US world leaders such as Castro and Qaddafi – but I didn’t know for sure.  I imagine that when our riots occurred they did so in a much different global context.  One where I think the brevity of the riots and the lack of real-time international media probably limited any international criticism.

But, I can’t be sure of this.  If anyone has a better answer please share.


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