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The Grand Warlock of Mexico predicts 3-1 upset over US in World Cup qualifier

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El Brujo Mayor

El Brujo Mayor

Mexico’s Grand Warlock, Antonio Vázquez Alba, has predicted an upset in today’s World Cup qualifier.  Known in Mexico as El Brujo Mayor, Antonio Vázquez Alba has a fool-proof plan to beat the US today at Aztec Stadium in Mexico City.

Step 1: Antonio cast a spell against America’s top player Landon Donovan.  He then called on the hearts of ancient warriors in support of the players in green and white.

Step 2: “To beat the gringos,” Antonio lit incense, then spread special powder and rubbed spicy balm on the seats of Azteca Stadium.  Accordingly, this should get the fans to “feel the game, hop around and scream.”

And Step 3: El Brujo Mayor urged fans to light a green candle, place quartz in their left hands and make a fist –  all while chanting “Mexico has won already.”


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  1. Hah I’m really the first comment to your awesome post?!?

    Joy Schaffer

    May 29, 2010 at 2:43 am

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