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Afghanistan is corrupt, waaaaayyyy corrupt

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Not that we didn’t know this already but Afghanistan’s government is incredibly corrupt.  So corrupt that there is only one country in the world more corrupt: Somalia.  And some might not even call that a country.

How much does corruption hurt American efforts in Afghanistan?  Well, considering incorruptibility is a main reason behind the Taliban’s popularity, I would say it hurts a great deal.

For the quick rundown, here is Transparency International’s 5 most corrupt regimes in the world (2009).

  1. Somalia
  2. Afghanistan
  3. Myanmar
  4. Sudan
  5. Iraq

No doubt American profligate spending in these countries has fueled corruption.  It is about time that the U.S. rethink its gun in one hand, dollar in the other, approach to intervention.


Written by gringolost

November 17, 2009 at 4:08 pm

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